Mission Statement

Reality Sailing organization seeks to raise ocean conservation awareness through an innovative sailing program that empowers students with the skills for sustainable nautical means of transportation and eco-tourism. It further inspires students to pursue careers in marine biology, oceanography, engineering and the discovery of cleaner energies. We found the perfect connection, our innovative program integrates sailing and science in a positive and fun adventurous way.

Permission to come aboard is granted

J. Manuel Moreno, ASA

Welcome to the reality of sailing

Reality Sailing's digital platform objective

Reality Sailing's platform opens to the world the possibilities of living aboard a balanced, sustainable planet. Better yet, in harmony with mother nature. The study and practice of navigation aboard sailing vessels its an important aspect of the formula to solve our energy and climate crisis. Our proposal benefits everyone, particularly the Ocean.

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Our latest and best photos

We love to take pictures and show them to the world.

Family oriented sport,

Check out former Olympic champion Jon Rogers and director of Junior Sailing Program Coronado YC, who kindly an generously has supported our program from the beginning. Jon was awarded the Yachtsman of the Year honors in 2004. 

Sailing Simulator Classes

Sailing is not just a water sport. The new simulator allows students to learn how to sail. The SS eliminates the fear factor of falling on the water while learning the points of sail. The learning curve acutest its angle, turning our students into well rounded wind readers.

Reality Sailing brought the opportunity of this great device to the Americas. 

sailing and science program

Two of our program directors and crew aboard a whale watching excursion.  Reality Sailing's science director Alyson Fleming, Ph. D. Biological Oceanography, gave an explanation about whale's eating habits, how these giant mammals trap and eat their pray. 

Isla Coronado, BCS Mexico

Reality Sailing Founder and President J. Manuel Moreno, ASA cruising the beautiful Sea of Cortes 2007. 

Pete Jefferson memorial Regatta

Mission Bay yacht club and W.D. Shock president invited us to our first regatta ever. The kids loved the whole experience. 

Chula Vista Yacht club

The last generation of the Chula Vista Yacht Club Junior program. In the picture you can see Junior Commodore, Vice and Rear Commodore going at it. Marcio Moreno, Melissa Moreno and Jorge Hernandez Jr. 

The virtues of sailing

No-one knows how rewarding cruising aboard a sailboat it is, until they wake up in a quiet, secluded and unchartered  cove you arrived the night before. one of the perfect moments to connect with nature.

laser sailing and racing

Our program has a fleet of this fast Olympic class sailboats, which prepares you for not only sailing and very fast, but to compete. Who knows, you might end up being an Americas Cup crew member of of the future flying sailboats. Foiling would be a thing of the past.

From up above

Perfect shot of the frightening, exhilarating and full of adrenaline experience you go through when climbing a mast. 

collaboration with local sailing programs and yacht clubs

These kids were given the opportunity to move from their Lido 14's to a J420. And yes, with a former J420 Olympic champion as an instructor.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, SAn Diego, California

Nature walks, tours and whale watching 

Youth Sailing Program

In order to graduate from the youth program sailing cert. the student must demonstrate the ability to sail on their own. Wonderful feeling for this youngsters.

community outreach

Sailors in the development care for their sport. But above all, they want to share the experience to their community. Otay Ranch Mall in Chula Vista 

Portugal Naval School

We had the opportunity to go aboard their school vessel. Which I'm pretty sure inspired us creating our very own.

Reality Sailing future campus

Sailing and Science institution that will provide education to sailors and scientists in the making., while offering sailing adventures to adventures and ecologists. A cutting edge facility at a remote place in the Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Leafy Sea Dragon, Birth Aquarium Museum at Scripps 

One of the many interesting exhibits in the museum is definitely  the sea dragons. Sea dragons are some of the most ornately camouflaged creatures on the planet. Adorned with gossamer, leaf-shaped appendages over their entire bodies, they are perfectly outfitted to blend in with the seaweed and kelp formations they live amongst.

You just got to go see it. 


Where on Earth is Baja California

Baja California, along the southwestern edge of North America, lies between the latitudes of 32 degrees 30 minutes and 23 degrees—a range where deserts occur worldwide, both in the northern and southern hemispheres. The Baja California peninsula, about 760 miles (over 1220 kilometers) in length, is almost completely surrounded by water, with the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortés) to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It is Earth's second-longest peninsula—only the Malay Peninsula is longer.

Scripps institute of oceanography Pier


reality Sailing campus

Our ultimate goal is to build the first international sailing and science campus. Project that has been shared with world leaders of the different sectors that our organization is formed.

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black and white sailboat in body of water during sunset

This is who we are

Ours vision comes from a combination of ideas, inspiration and involvement in sailing, science and the environment. The Ocean play a big role in planet Earth. Its most dominantly visible element from space, reason why its called the blue planet. 

President. j. Manuel Moreno, ASA

Founder and CEO of Reality Sailing Adventure,  sailing instructor with over 24 years of experience in sailing, cruising, boat delivering and private skippered chartering. Sailing, boating and safety Certified ,  Semi-retired architect with over 2 decades of experience in high end residential, commercial, research and development, healthcare and institutions projects. 

Director Alyson H. Fleming, Ph. d. 

Professor at University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Ph.d in Biological Oceanography UCSD, B.S. Biology and Sec. Environmental Studies from Tufts University. 

Director Gary T. Peterson

San Diego based Senior Vice President Lockton Insurance. Specializing on insurance, risk finance, health and welfare-employee benefits and risk management with client concentration oin real estate and construction. 
Division commander (e) 11s-01 United States Coast Guard, 
Port Captain Point Loma Yacht Club
Avid sailor, and active crew member of a racing vessel. 


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Reality Sailing Science and Adventure


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About us

About us We are a group of visionaries with a clear objective. Our board members are composed of a group of professionals passionate about sailing. Who share the knowledge of their profession for the sole purpose of making our ocean cleaner and free of pollution. Better yet, in a positive, sustainable, fun, and adventurous way. 

Remember, this is the only Earth we will ever have.

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