Give yourself the chance to enjoy what the world has to offer

REALITY SAILING focuses in presenting to the world the reality of sailing and how using this ecological transportation system allows us to enjoy and preserve our planet.

Our main purpose is to promote nautical education and the preservation of the waters of the Sea of Cortés. At the same time, stimulate and generate nautical tourism into this part of the world. Through sailing instructions and adventure travel combined with science programs, we are forming an innovative and professional adventure travel service. All this is opening myriad opportunities to adventurous travelers, students and scientists geared into the research of cleaner energies and to those in search for new ways to preserve of the oceans. Thus protect and enjoy from the areas, islands and marine life which inhabits it.

Our organization's philosophy is simple, positive and sustainable. This concept is generating ideas among the world's most adventurous travelers. It's very important for us sharing knowledge in sailing and nautical education. Similarly the awareness in the environmental stewardship and preservation of this magical region of the world.


Our new website sets sail in 2017!